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2016 Regular Session



The 2016 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature adjourned sine die at 6:00 pm on June 6th. As expected, it was a tumultuous 12 weeks, complete with unprecedented scope of practice battles, ill-fated attempts to tax and impose new and higher fees on physicians, and a serious budget crisis looming over the discussion of every legislative instrument. Ultimately, the LSMS had some great wins this session. With a bleak budget that left gaping holes in TOPS and the safety-net hospital system, we won’t know the final budget result until the end of the 2nd Special Session which Governor John Bel Edwards called to attempt to raise additional revenues. It began at 6:30 pm on June 6th and ends at midnight on June 23rd.


This year, the LSMS Governmental Affairs staff tracked a total of 157 pieces of legislation. The Council on Legislation took a support position on 28 bills, an oppose position on 38 bills, and a monitor/neutral position on 91 bills. The review the complete report which highlight some of the notable pieces of legislation that were debated this session please 2016 Regular Session Final Report 


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Calls to Action

The LSMS uses Voter Voice to rally its members when a legislative effort is needed. Below is a brief description on how to register. The Grassroots Action Center can be used to answer a call to action or find legislation, as well as identify and contact your legislators.
Please take a moment to visit the Voter Voice Grassroots Action Center and register using the quick sign up box. The Louisiana Legislature has placed restrictions on who can respond to calls to action by allowing only those individuals who reside in the district of the legislator to contact them. Please double check that you have registered with your home address as opposed to your work address to ensure you will be able to contact your legislator when we send out our call to action alerts.

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