Council on Legislation
David Broussard, MD, Chairman

The LSMS relies on the expertise and advice of its Council on Legislation to achieve its legislative goals. The Council directs all state and federal legislative activities in accordance with the actions and policies of the House of Delegates. The Council also organizes and coordinates the efforts of the LSMS regarding lobbying activities and member contact on key issues and/or legislation before the Louisiana Legislature and Congress of the United States. 

Council on Legislation Members:
 District / Section
 ChairDavid Broussard, MD

 1Anne Borreson, MD
George Ellis, MD
 2Luis Arencebia, MD
Wesley Clark, MD
 3Christopher Rodrigue, MD
Allen Vander
 4John Carmody, MD
Jake Majors, MD
 5Adrienne Williams, MD
Zeke Wetzel, MD
 6William Murrill, MD
Michael Hanemann, MD
 7John Van Hoose, MD
John Noble, MD
 8Christina Lord, MD
 10 Joshua Sleeper, MD
Anne Conn, MD
 Senior Physician Section
Greg Lord, MD
Robert Hendricks, MD
 Young Physician Section
Matt Giglia, MD
Ashley Bordelon, MD
 Resident / Fellow Section
Omar Leonards, MD
Ken Ehrhardt, MD
 Medical Student Section
Muhammad Farooq
James Cliffe
 LSMS Alliance
Rose KupleskyVacant
 LPMALee Tynes, MD
 LA ACPCeleste Newby, MD
 LAFPRichard Bridges, MD