Council on Legislation
David Broussard, MD, Chairman

The LSMS relies on the expertise and advice of its Council on Legislation to achieve its legislative goals. The Council directs all state and federal legislative activities in accordance with the actions and policies of the House of Delegates. The Council also organizes and coordinates the efforts of the LSMS regarding lobbying activities and member contact on key issues and/or legislation before the Louisiana Legislature and Congress of the United States. 

Council on Legislation Members:
George Ellis, Jr., MD District 1 Member
Luis Arencebia, MD District 2 Member
Wesley Clark, MD District 2 Alternate
Vacant District 3 Member
John Carmody, MD District 4 Member
Jake Majors, MD District 4 Alternate
Adrienne Williams, MD District 5 Member
William Murrill, MD District 6 Member
Michael Hanemann, MD District 6 Alternate
John VanHoose, MD District 7 Member
John Noble, MD District 7 Alternate
Robert Bass, MD District 8 Member
Kevin Duplechain, MD District 9 Member
Gerard Ballanco, MD District 9 Alternate
Joshua Sleeper, MD District 10 Member
Jacob Karr, MD Young Physician Section Member
Judy Fustok Medical Student Section Member
Rose Kuplesky Alliance Member