Councils and Committees



The LSMS has four Councils, serving as the primary work groups of the Society. Member-physicians consider pressing issues, then debate and provide recommendations to the Board of Governors and to the House on appropriate action.

Council on Legislation
- David Broussard, MD, Chair
  • Directs all of the state and federal legislative activities of the LSMS in accordance with the actions and policies of the House of Delegates.
  • Advise the Society as to the appropriate course of action to achieve its legislative goals. The Council organizes and coordinates the efforts of the LSMS regarding lobbying activities and member contact on key issues and/or legislation before the Louisiana Legislature and the Congress of the United States.

Council on SocioEconomics - Lawrence Simon, MD, Chair

  • Monitor and research managed care issues and problems in Louisiana and when appropriate recommend solutions to those problems.
  • Advise the LSMS on appropriate actions to protect the basic rights inherent in the physician/patient relationship by monitoring the functions of utilization and quality review organizations as well as third party administrators that function within the state.
  • Act as a liaison with the insurance industry as well as third-party administrators, and advocate for the membership of the LSMS relative to matters of insurance that adversely affects both the physician and/or patient.

    Council on Member Services - Paul Perkowski, MD Chair

    • Be a source of knowledge as to the expected future physician manpower needs in the State of Louisiana. The Council advises the LSMS on in-state medical school curriculums and CME programs regarding the changing educational needs of practicing physicians both in clinical training and the socio-economic environment.
    • The Council shall develop programs and activities to recruit and retain those physicians and medical students residing in Louisiana into the unified structure (parish and state society) of organized medicine in the state.
    • Serve as a research and planning body for the development of materials and programs designed to foster a positive image of the medical profession in the health care community and public at large.
    • Promote coordination and improved communications between the LSMS and the state-wide medical specialty societies on issues of mutual interest in an effort to unify and strengthen physician advocacy and organized medicine in Louisiana.

    Council on Public Health - Louis Trachtman, MD Chair

    • Advise the LSMS on all aspects of medical care and treatment related to major chronic diseases and geriatric conditions affecting the people of Louisiana.
    • Provide planning, direction and coordination of LSMS activities relative to disaster and emergency medical planning, and develop as appropriate, recommendations to the LSMS relative to disaster or emergency medical services.
    • Advise the LSMS on all aspects of medical care and treatment of maternal and perinatal patients, children and adolescents in Louisiana.
    • Monitor the incidence and prevalence of mental illness and substance abuse problems within the state and make recommendations, when appropriate, to address major state-wide problems.
    • Advise the LSMS on the social issues and government policies that affect the public health of the people of the state, and develop knowledge and information regarding the importance of infectious disease control, accident prevention, environmental concerns, and occupational illnesses.




    LSMS Standing Committees are established in the Society bylaws and are expected to meet at least once a year to perform duties as specified by its charge, the House or the Board.
    • Budget & Finance - R. Mark Williams, MD
    • Charter, Constitution & Bylaws - Gregory Sossaman, MD
    • CME Accreditation - Harold L. Ishler, Jr., MD
    • Medical-Legal Interprofessional Committee - Randolph L. Roig, MD


    To learn more about a particular council or committee or to volunteer, please contact Terri Watson,