President's Message
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Lee Stevens, MD
139th President of the LSMS


On Friday, January 25, 2019, Lee Stevens, MD, of Shreveport officially began his presidency of the Louisiana State Medical Society (LSMS). The LSMS House of Delegates, the official policy-making body for the organization, met the same day to discuss current health care issues, decide on a course of action for the coming year, and welcome its new leaders. Dr. Stevens’ wife, June, was also sworn in the same day as the 2019 President of the LSMS Alliance.

As president-elect for the society in 2018, Dr. Stevens spent the past year learning more about the society’s involvement in key health care issues at both the state and federal legislative levels.

 Beginning as a physician member, and later as a member of the board of governors, the AMA delegation, and now as your president -- I’ve always viewed the LSMS as a tremendous resource for Louisiana physicians,” Stevens said in his inauguration remarks.

Dr. Stevens received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas and graduated from University of Texas Health Sciences Center. There, he completed a residency in Family Practice and also at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in General Psychiatry. He is board certified in Psychiatry and currently holds positions as Chairman of Clinical Competency Committee and Vice-Chairman of Clinical Services at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Shreveport (LSUHSC-S), Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Stevens serves as Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at LSUHSC-S.

Dr. Stevens served as president of the Shreveport Medical Society in 2014.  He holds multiple memberships in professional associations such as American College of Psychiatrists, Past President of the Louisiana Psychiatric Medical Association, Shreveport Medical Society, Louisiana State Medical Society, Louisiana Medical Political Action Committee (LAMPAC) contributor, and American College of Emergency Physicians.

Tonight, I stand before you as the 20th LSMS president elected from Shreveport and let me tell you, if history is any indication, I’ve got some big North Louisiana shoes to fill,” added Stevens. He is proceeded in presidency by James Egan, MD, who served as the first president of the LSMS in 1878, James Willis, MD, and Joseph Knighton, MD, who later went on to have a hospital system named after them, and Patty Van Hook, MD, the first female president of the Society in 1922 – all from Shreveport.



Quarterly Message from the LSMS President


Dear LSMS Members:


Dear LSMS Members:

Election season is right around the corner. This means there’s no better time than the present to discuss LAMPAC, the political arm of the Louisiana State Medical Society (LSMS), with you. In addition to being the LSMS President, I am proud to contribute to Louisiana Medical Political Action Committee or LAMPAC.

LAMPAC is a separate, non-partisan, state political action committee, whose purpose is to protect you, your practice, and your patients. It does so by working diligently to create a legislative environment that is open and fair when considering the interests of Louisiana physicians and their patients. LAMPAC accepts voluntary contributions from its supporters and combines the individual voices of contributors into one strong, unified voice to support candidates who understand the challenges of providing quality health care in today’s changing environment.

Contributing to LAMPAC is the first step in having your voice heard throughout the political process. Participating is easy as you can either make a one-time contribution or if you prefer, you can have your total contribution broken down into 12 monthly credit card contributions. There are also multiple contribution levels: Friend of Medicine $50; 300 Club $300; 500 Club $500 and Pelican Club $1,000. A $50 donation gets you in the door but with each subsequent donor level your benefits grow and LAMPAC’s impact becomes stronger. Upper level donors become eligible to serve on the LAMPAC Board and attend private/special meetings that are closed to others.

Please visit the LAMPAC section of the LSMS website by visiting and typing in keyword “LAMPAC” to learn more and to see which candidates organized medicine is supporting this fall in the October 12, 2019 primary elections.



Lee Stevens, MD