Important Provider Contacts
As we help our providers navigate the complex workings of the public managed care please use the following information to reach out to Medicaid, Medicare, and Workers Compensation.  


Bayou Health/Medicaid

Bayou Health is the portion of the Louisiana Medicaid program that is operated under managed care. All public information concerning the program can be accessed at the Department of Health and Hospitals' website. The Bayou Health program is operated by five health plans. Click here for more detailed information. 


Medicare | Contact Novitas

Novitas Solutions, Inc., (Novitas) serves as the administrative services processing company for Medicare in our region. Louisiana is part of the Medicare Administrative Contract (MAC) Jurisdiction H (JH), which spans Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Indian Health Service (IHS) and Veterans Affairs (VA).


Workers' Compensation
For information on the Louisiana Workers Compensation please visit


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